Selena: The Series (2020)

As Mexican-American Tejano singer Selena comes of age and realizes her dreams, she and her family make tough choices to hold on to love and music.

The Cult of the Family (2019)

Love Sleep Repeat (2019)

Alibi Kuzushi Uketamawarimasu (2020)

Better Half (2019)

Amar Demais (2020)

Assassin's League (2020)

The Craft Film Series (2020)

Porn Laid Bare (2019)

Hotel Swan Helsinki (2020)

Looking for Leia (2019)

Blacktop (2020)

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaar (2019)

Las Aventuras del Señor Misterio (2020)

Garth Brooks: The Road I'm On (2019)

A&E Network’s genre-defining, Emmy Award-winning ‘Biography’ franchise presents the definitive documentary highlighting the prolific career of Garth Brooks, the best-selling solo artist of all time. “Garth Brooks: The Road I’m On” offers an intimate look into Brooks’ life as a musician, father, and man as well as the moments that have defined his decade-spanning career and seminal hit songs. The two-part documentary chronicles Garth’s life and career from his early days playing gigs at college bars in Oklahoma and his first unsuccessful trip to Nashville to his record-breaking world tours and balancing family life with global fame. The special highlights the deeply personal journey and profound legacy of a genre-defining musical figure for the first time. In addition to exclusive interviews with Garth telling his life story for the first time, the documentary features never-before-seen interviews with Trisha Yearwood, Billy Joel, Keith Urban, George Strait, James Taylor, friend and original bandmate Ty England, songwriter Tony Arata as well as many others from Brooks’ personal and musical family. The documentary will also showcase unprecedented access to the six-time CMA Entertainer of the Year’s current record-setting stadium tour and delve into the stories behind his seven RIAA Diamond Award-winning albums.

Mountain Vets (2019)

Is er een dokter in de zaal? (2019)

Hillary (2020)

A remarkably intimate portrait of a public woman, Hillary interweaves revealing moments from never-before-seen 2016 campaign footage with biographical chapters of her life. Featuring exclusive interviews with Hillary Rodham Clinton herself, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, friends, and journalists, the series examines how she became at once one of the most admired and vilified women in the world.

Inside Look: Feud - Bette and Joan (2017)

Viceland at the Women's March (2017)

Sochi 2014: XXII Olympic Winter Games (2014)

Wildlife Specials: The Spy Collection (2007)

Sapporo 1972: XI Olympic Winter Games (1972)

Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga (2020)

La vita promessa 2 (2020)

Po hlave (2020)

Xia Yi Zhan Shi Xing Fu (2020)

Married to Elvis (2020)

Capitol Murder (2020)

Andre'ic Morris's the Johnsons (2020)

Cheer (2020)

This gripping docuseries follows the ups and downs of Navarro College's competitive cheer squad as they work to win a coveted national title.

Wolf (2018)

Tasked with risky missions across Turkey, members of a special-operations police unit confront danger and tragedy both on the field and at home.

Hong Kong West Side Stories (2019)

The Defected (2019)

The Defected is a 2019 Hong Kong television drama produced and directed by So Man-Chung, with Carmen So serving as co-director. It is a co-production between the Hong Kong broadcasting company TVB and China's Tencent Penguin Pictures, a television production unit launched by Tencent. It stars Benjamin Yuen as Inspector Sheung Sing, a policeman who becomes embroiled in a conspiracy plaguing the high-ranking officials due to an incident that almost cost him his life.

Zoom the White Dolphin (1971)

Zoom the White Dolphin (イルカと少年) was a 1971 Japanese–French anime series, of 13 episodes, created by Vladimir Tarta, directed by René Borg.

Unit 19 - The Outland Chronicles (2021)

First and Last (2020)

Schlag den Besten (2019)

Castro's Revolution vs. The World (2019)

Ninja Hattori Returns (2013)

All or Nothing: Brazil National Team (2020)

Mônica Toy (2013)

Unrequited Love (2019)

A complicated, one-sided secret attraction sends ripples through the lives of a mild-mannered student and her dashing classmate.

The Under Undergrounds (2016)

Moonshiners: Whiskey Business (2019)

Each year, dozens of US craft distilleries fail -- and Tim Smith knows why. In this series, Tim and his team of experts help struggling distillery owners put the woods back in the whiskey in the hopes of turning it from problem to profit.

The Food That Built America (2019)

For generations of Americans, food titans like Henry Heinz, Milton Hershey, John and Will Kellogg, C.W. Post and the McDonald brothers have literally been household names, but you don’t know their stories. Before they were brand names, they were brilliant, sometimes ruthless, visionaries who revolutionized food and changed the landscape of America forever. This miniseries event will tell the fascinating stories of the people behind the food that built America – those who used brains, muscle, blood, sweat and tears to get to America’s heart through its stomach, and along the way built cities, invented new technologies and helped win wars.

Nisman. The Prosecutor, the President and the Spy (2020)

This docuseries details the suspicious death of Alberto Nisman, investigator of the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association building.

Life of a Mistress (2019)

Who Killed Little Gregory? (2019)

When their 4-year-old son is murdered, a young couple fights a twisting and arduous battle trying to identify a frustratingly elusive killer.

Shaq Life (2020)

Get to know Shaq as he explores his passions off the court: Spending a busy summer touring the world to establish himself as a DJ; navigating his partnership with a controversial franchise; training with UFC fighters for his first-ever MMA grappling match; raising six children and expanding his legacy. It’s time for fans to meet the man behind the legend — a man with a legendary sense of humor, an enormous heart and endless determination. Shaquille O’Neal is the ultimate renaissance man.

Living to Love (2020)

The Misadventures of Nick and Jermaine (2019)

Wild and Free in Florianópolis (2020)

Kansatsui Asagao (2019)

Bulle (2020)

In the Next Life I Will Be Serious (2020)

Stjernestøv (2020)

Best Friend's Fear (2020)

Listeners (2020)

Pour toujours, plus un jour (2020)

Tooning Out the News (2020)

Mannphodganj (2020)

Topless (2020)

Memory Hole (2020)

Nate & Jeremiah Save My House (2020)

Balancing their roles as design experts and dads, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent rescue clients from renovation nightmares and turn money pits into masterpieces.

Promis unter Palmen (2020)

The Art Mysteries (2020)

The Tricksters (2019)

Posle nas (2019)

Jessy and Nessy (2020)

Rusty Camel (2020)

Half Blood 2020 (2020)

Save My Skin (2020)

Imagine living with an agonizing skin condition? Imagine being stared at because of your skin? Imagine not even wanting to leave the house because of how you look? Save My Skin is a brand new series where people whose lives have been shattered by uncontrollable skin disorders finally get the help they so desperately need. Consultant Dermatologist and surgeon Doctor Emma Craythorne is an expert in treating all types of skin conditions. Surrounded by a top team at her Harley Street Clinic, we'll see Dr Emma treat ordinary people from all over Britain suffering with unusual and extraordinary conditions. In each episode, we meet four new people with a huge range of conditions, from chronic acne to debilitating genetic skin conditions, bursting cysts, huge lipomas and keloid scars. Armed with needles, scalpels and lasers, Dr Emma's treatment isn't always for the faint hearted. There'll be squeezes, pops and extractions as well as incredible cutting edge treatments that bring incredible results. In this heart warming new series, we'll see Dr. Emma transform the lives of those trapped in their own skin, forever.

In the Room (2019)

Jason Kennedy hits the road with your favorite celebs, like Chris Pratt and more, where they feel most at home.

Sleepless Society: Insomnia (2019)

Hey Lady! (2020)

The Machinery (2020)

My American Family (2020)

The Bull of Dalal Street (2019)

Life Cinematic (2020)

Prison (2018)

A rare insight into prison life, exploring the issues that prison staff and prisoners face.

Balkanska medja (2020)

Promenade (2019)

Strawberry Moon (2020)

Naked Beach (2019)

Blind Wave Movie Commentary (2019)

Restaurants on the Edge (2020)

Three food and design experts travel the world to revive failing restaurants by connecting them to the local culture beyond their gorgeous views.

Breathless (2020)

The Fold (2020)

Mystery Incorporated (2020)

BTS: The Web Series (2021)

The Forgotten West Memphis Three (2020)

Host of the Truth & Justice podcast tackles one of America's most notorious crimes, the murders of three young boys in West Memphis, AR, 1993. Bob Ruff launches an evidence-driven investigation into who killed the Forgotten West Memphis Three.

Fraggle Rock: Rock On! (2020)

The Fraggles might be apart in separate caves, but they can still find ways to have fun together! Join Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley, and Uncle Travelling Matt for stories and songs that show everyone how we're all connected.

Namedni s Leonidom Parfyonovym: 2004-... (2020)

Phone-a-Friend (2020)

Josh Bentley: The Wrath of Bentley (2020)

Coronavirus, Explained (2020)

In 2020, the world changed. This topical series examines the coronavirus pandemic, the efforts to combat it and ways to manage its mental health toll.

The Last Narc (2020)

Gamer's Paradise (2019)

Dancehall Divas (2021)