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Seasons : 3

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When sisters Beth and Annie and their best friend Ruby become fed up with playing by the rules and not getting the respect they deserve, they band together to take control of their lives -- by holding up a local grocery store. Beth's the perfect wife and mother, but her used-car-dealing, cheating husband has sent her family into financial ruin; Ruby is happily married to a policeman but can't afford the medical bills and experimental drugs to help her daughter; and Annie, a single mom, is caught in a nasty custody battle with her ex. In desperate need of money, the women plan the heist expecting to ease their financial burdens. But new to the game of crime, they get pulled in deeper than they ever imagined -- and the only way out of this will be together.


Creator : Jenna Bans, Jenna Lamia

Starring :

Christina Hendricks
Lidya Jewett
Matthew Lillard
Manny Montana
Mae Whitman
Izzy Stannard
Reno Wilson
Matt Price
Elizabeth Becka
James Lesure
Blake Shields
Christopher Gehrman
Rowan Bousaid
Joe Lorenzo

Director : Dean Parisot, Lee Friedlander, Kenneth Fink

Writer : Marc Halsey, Bill Krebs, Jeannine Renshaw

Genre : Action, Comedy, Comedy Drama, Crime, Drama