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Seasons : 2

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Forensic pathologist Dr. Daniel Harrow is able to solve cases that others can't, but he does it with a total disregard for authority. Part of that is due to the fact that he has an unfailing empathy for the dead, and it is those feelings he has for the deceased that leads him to bend every rule in order to get to the truth about what happened to the victims. No matter how bizarre the case, Dr. Harrow is determined to give victims a voice from the afterlife. While Harrow is working on his cases, though, a secret from his past threatens him, his family and his career.


Creator : Stephen M. Irwin, Leigh Mcgrath

Starring :

Ioan Gruffudd
Mirrah Foulkes
Jolene Anderson
Remi Hii
Anna Lise Phillips
Darren Gilshenan
Damien Garvey
Ella Newton
Hunter Page Lochard
Robyn Malcolm
Grant Bowler
Remy Hii
Uli Latukefu
Josephine Flynn
Tony Barry

Director : Tony Krawitz, Peter Andrikidis, Daniel Nettheim

Writer : Stephen M. Irwin, Leigh Mcgrath, Michaeley O'brien

Genre : Crime, Drama, Suspense