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Seasons : 3

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Sonny Monroe, a teenager from Green Bay, Wis., moves with her mom to Los Angeles when she is chosen to join the cast of her favorite TV show, a sketch comedy series called "So Random." It's not all a fairy tale, as she deals with her diva co-star Tawny, and the friction between the cast of her show and a rival network show called "MacKenzie Falls." But she keeps her head up and a smile firmly in place as she tries to make everything turn out OK.


Creator : Steve Marmel

Starring :

Demi Lovato
Tiffany Thornton
Sterling Knight
Brandon Mychal Smith
Doug Brochu
Allisyn Arm
Allisyn Ashley Arm
Michael Kostroff
Ashley Jackson
Johnny Cley Rivers
G. Hannelius
Nancy Mckeon
Vicki Lewis
Daniel Roebuck
Jillian Murray

Director : Eric Dean Seaton, David Trainer, Carl Lauten

Writer : Adam Schwartz, Josh Herman, Michael Feldman

Genre : Children, Comedy, Sitcom